a women-led NFT project that celebrates sexual freedom, womens' art and is merging the digital and fine art realm by creating a digital and irl gallery space.





Building a community of art afficiados, alien freaks and artists of all kinds to gather in our digital and irl gallery space that will release upon mint!


"Shama" is a Sanskrit word that means “equal,” “even,” “equanimity,” “calmness,” and “peace of mind.”

Shama Shorties is a collection of 5,555 unique NFTs inspired by Lindsay Dawns work and powered by a female led team, living on the Ethereum blockchain. This community grants its members exclusive access to select print releases, art events worldwide, and first dibs on collectables and merchandise. The SS team will also be getting a vote from the community on which philanthropic cause we will be donating to at 50% sales.

our story


Once upon a time... Wait, no, that's not right. Let's try this again.

In a galaxy far, far away - Oh damn, that’s wrong too, well close enough…

The Lore of Shama Shorties begins on a planet about 745 billion miles away, as an intergalactic society of women, who descend from Saturn, get fed up with the same stars and suns. With the last known contact with earth having been 9 years ago they wanted to know what we were up to and in desperate need of adventure, so figured it was their turn for a visit.

Off they went on a journey through the galaxy until reaching Earth. They couldn’t believe all the things we had to keep ourselves busy; music, art, tattoos and even alien abduction stories. After spending time on Earth they decided it was time to pack up and move on to their next planet. But before leaving they decided to pick up a few things along the way, what’s a road trip without a few souvenirs? And since our fearless Shorties have no need for Earth’s societal norms, we’re taking a page from their book and throwing the rules out the window.


our team



Community Manager

Our Community Manager, who turns Shorties into Shama Shorties, like that water to wine story you all are familiar with but better. The community manager conveys the message of the brand and uses her passion of equality and sexual freedom to unite the people on Twitter and Discord.


Marketing Manager

Our Marketing Manager, who organizes our creative schemes and roll out, as well as spreads awareness of our mission at Shama Shorties of anti-sex trafficking and celebration of women as warriors. Kangan has a background in marketing for film so she's using her entertainment brain to shake up the NFT space.


Twitter Twunk

Our Twitter Twunk, enlisted to engage, envelope and engorge our Shama Universe! As spearhead of social media interaction - they're here to make sure we are heard and understood by all!


Creative Director

Our Creative Director, who’s work first inspired Shama Shorties. Her work celebrates the female form and sexual freedom as well as icons that represent her journey and hardships that can be found in this collection. Lindsay is bridging the gap from the fine art world to the NFT digital space.



Our Illustrator, who is translating Lindsay Dawn's fine art work to her specialty, cartoon. Sliz has a graphic design background and has worked on women's NFT teams to ensure that women are heard and celebrated in the NFT space. Sliz is passionate about feminism and exploring the taboos of life.


Project Manager

Our Project Manager, who connected the team and is working hard developing the roadmap and long-term plans for Shama Shorties and their impact on the physical and digital gallery space, as well as pursuing philanthropic anti-sex trafficking goals to change the course of how women are portrayed by all.

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